Practical tips

Docks at slaughter should be considered contaminated with diseases common in your region, in MB that includes PED (high risk). Therefore, extra care should be exercised when vehicles return from these sites.

Call your practitioner for a full investigation if you see scours.

Ask you practitioners to request ASF rule-out testing at the provincial laboratories if you see:

  • Sudden death in sows or any other pigs
  • Discolouring (red, purple) of skin or intestines

The highlights were a signal for PED due to the outbreaks of PED in Manitoba and Injury/welfare ranked higher than normal after the flooding in BC in November.

Practitioners reported several cases of sow mortality with torsions (discolouring of organs) – the cause is complex and may be specific to barns.

Since January 2021, the rule-out ASF testing has reached the potential in the region.