Practical tips

Due to over 100 PED infected premises in MB:

Extra care with cleaning and disinfection of vehicles returning from abattoirs is CRITICAL in the coming months due to the slaughter of a high volume of PED recovered pigs.

In MB, we expect a high risk of spreading PED with manure these coming months.

On 9 May 2022, Saskatchewan Pork Development Board has sent a “PRODUCER ADVISORY Rendering Pickup – Elevated PED Risk”.

On influenza:

Masks work for influenza as well as COVID therefore, wear masks (disposable or reusable) when around pigs with clinical signs (of flu). If you have flu-like symptoms, you should stay out of pig barns but if you must go in wear a mask.

We must assume that mammals including pigs and wild pigs might be susceptible to infection with current strain of High Path Avian Influenza (HPAI) after eating infected carcasses. BIOSECURITY - keep wild birds and wildlife carcasses from your pigs and pig housing and observe general biosecurity with no contact between poultry and pigs.

Strong recommendation to all producers and practitioners:

Please request ASF rule-out testing when you see increased mortality, increased abortions, septicemia, or cases with signs of bleeding (such as torsions, skin discolouring etc.). Remember to include spleen or lymph nodes in the laboratory submission.