To mark that we just started a new 5-year plan (2023/2028) we refreshed the format of our newsletters and quarterly reports.

The next 5-year plan (April 2023 to March 2028) will build on our strengths, prioritize added value and address identified vulnerabilities and threats.

Therefore, our new vision is to have a swine health network with three pillars:

  1. A surveillance system to monitor swine health;
  2. An intelligence network to facilitate knowledge exchange; and
  3. Special investigations to follow up on emerging health issues may provide new knowledge

where the Intelligence Network pillar has branched out into a Health surveillance branch and a Control, Treatment, and Prevention Support Network for Swine Practices branch.

Out key activities will be:

  1. The core activities are the quarterly reports to producers and swine health experts. These reports are based on data analysis and discussions.
    Also, as part of the core activities newsletters and alerts will be distributed on an as needed basis
  2. New analysis to add value
  3. Development IT solution for long-term sustainability
  4. Special projects