Western Canada's support for Swine Health and Disease Surveillance


CWSHIN serves western swine producers, swine herd practitioners and governments to improve swine health, production, and the economic prosperity of the sector.

Our vision is to have a surveillance system imbedded in an intelligence network that monitors diseases both present and absent.

The core of the surveillance system is the quarterly conference calls which bring together swine herd veterinarians and swine health experts in western Canada. Prior to the calls, CWSHIN collects clinical impression surveys completed by practitioners, laboratory data and other publicly available data such as federal inspected abattoir data. The data is then analyzed and presented for discussion during the calls.

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CWSHIN Objectives

What's New

Practical tips

Docks at slaughter should be considered contaminated with diseases common in your region, in MB that includes PED (high risk). Therefore, extra care should be exercised when vehicles return from these sites.

Call your practitioner for a full investigation if you see scours.

Ask you practitioners to request ASF rule-out testing at the provincial laboratories if you see:

  • Sudden death in

Four of the five health issues identified for discussion could mask African Swine Fever (ASF).

This quarter we applied a new guide with formalized monitoring, thresholds for frequency of conditions (flags, signals, runs), and actions (further exploration of data and discussion) (Link to summary of the Epidemiologic


With the documentation of the Data Repository, Disease Map, and a new epidemiologic analysis we can now describe the surveillance in CWSHIN as a functional ongoing and sustainable temporal surveillance of clinical health issues in swine.

CWSHIN’s Data Repository and Disease Map has been functioning with quarterly updates since 2019. The next step towards a documented functional ongoing surveillance has now been completed with



The CWSHIN Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from each of the western pork boards, with the western provincial agriculture ministries holding ex-officio status. The Manager of CWSHIN reports to the Board and oversees all of the organization’s activities. Within the organization, there are two working groups providing additional leadership and guidance: the Quarterly Team and the Scientific Technical Group.

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Dr. Jette Christensen DVM, PhD, joined CWSHIN in April 2018.

Dr. Christensen has 30 years of experience in all phases of national animal health monitoring, surveillance and disease control programs gained from field work in Denmark and Canada, including:

  • General veterinary practice as one of two veterinarians serving more than 110 swine producers
  • National animal surveillance in Denmark with: Danish veterinary Service (veterinary authority); Danish Bacon and Meat Council (national swine industry); Veterinary Laboratory (national reference laboratory)
  • National surveillance in Canada with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) from 2001-2017
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